May 26, 2008

How to save your life!

I have just discovered this excellent list from the discovery channel, These are recomendations from the lovely, hotel hopping Bear Grylls.

The Top Ten Household Items That Could Save Your Life in the Wild!

10. Make-up mirror: Reflects the sun, signaling to airplanes.
9. Credit card: Can be used to cut or, if it includes a reflective hologram, can signal for help.
8. Bra: Serves as water filter.
7. Lipstick: Can be used to write SOS on the top of your car or neighboring rocks.
6. Tampon: Serves as tinder once broken up into fuzz.
5. Shoelace: Binds sticks and other items together to create shelter.
4. Sock: Can also filter water.
3. Wristwatch: Determine direction by pointing the hour hand at the sun and form an imaginary line through the center of the "wedge" created between the hour hand and 12 o'clock -- that is your north-south line.
2. Paper clip: When magnetized, makes a makeshift compass.
1. Battery: Cross with wire to generate a spark in order to start a fire.

Why not appreciate each object for their own perfect use instead of filling our heads with a fantasy survival? there is only so much timber that can be bound with a shoelace, maybe to serve as a hand shelter, but surely the most obvious question is how do you magnetise a paper clip?

Credit cards should only be used for shopping, lipstick for a night out and tampons should not be destroyed incase of a real emergency!